You know what I love about friends? They give you treats! You know what I love about Vivian? Yes I am referring to myself as the 3rd person in a very Japanese or maybe an American 2 year old manner. What I like about myself is that I hoard the treats to enjoy a couple hours later (even treats I do not think I would enjoy at the present time). This time I was bestowed a special birthday cupcake from Lindsay’s birthday party. These were special cupcakes that came delivered in a big box from Georgetown cupcakes! You know they are special when they come in a big big box delivered by strangers to your door affixed with a sweet and lovely note! The point is they were almost too pretty to eat! After taking a billion (ok maybe 5) photos of them lovely specimens then spending some more time choosing the perfect filter to post on Instagram of course. They were so pretty to look at that Lindsay proposed to freeze them. That was why I was very surprised when they treated me to one as I was running out the door to catch the bus going downtown. The best part is that Dan carefully selected one that looked a hostess cupcake and put it a zip lock bag. He choose the flat topped cupcake for easy transport. Maybe I should just accept my friends know me better than myself. I really had it in my head the I was not going to eat it since I was not into cupcakes and certainly not chocolate cupcakes since I honestly preferred vanilla. It comes as no surprise that I was completely wrong. And I have come to accept that in fact, any accessibility to any food items in my reach is in fact a good thing. J

In my frantic packing I stuffed the packaged treat into my bag on my way to the airport while I was heading to California the next day. Never have I been so happy to see this compressed brown splot that I found in my bag during my flight. Devoured it I did during my 6 hour flight en route to San Francisco. I happily ate every crumb out of the zip lock bag and gleefully licked all the residual chocolate from my fingers. I was joyfully satisfied for the rest of my plane ride. Onward to other airplane activities which included movie watching, book reading, flight attendant and strangers interacting. Just before our descent down I rushed into the bathroom for a last minute bathroom break. While washing up and glancing up at the mirror, I noticed a huge splotch of chocolate just to the right of my mouth. Suddenly was I was filled with embarrassment given my prior interactions with other humans while I was completely obviousness of this noticeably large chocolate patch smudged across my face. So much for treats. Funny or sad? 


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