My friend and I went to a “Exclusive” singles get together organized by some snotty group called “the inner circle.” It attempts to get the top people in different countries and hosts these monthly events. For example, they just had an Official Launch Party at Gainsbourg in Zürich. Why of course, why wouldn’t we be going to a launch party there or Berlin or Barcelona? You of course have to be invited to use this ridiculous app and I got to try it out after being invited by one of my two single friends in NYC. The problem is, to do anything useful on the site besides looking pretty – you have to invite other people, 3 to be exact to also join the site or simply pay the membership fee, just to be able to see your messages, and most importantly your “winks!” I already alluded to the fact that I only have 2 single friends in NYC so I guess that is the end of me being able to invite any one else that is useful for unlocking this site for me. Oh Sigh. The point is that we got invited to this event so I should just be happy. There is nothing more fun that hanging out with a room full of awkward strangers who are all silently screaming “WE ARE ALL SINGLE.”  Or rather there is a colossal elephant in the room with “WE ARE ALL SINGLE” written all over it. The bunch seemed older but then again I was hit on by a 25 year old, 1/2 german 1/2 indian boy who told me how much he loved this site. It seems that people who are on this site have their shit together (aka they have a JOB!) and attracts somewhat an international crowd. For example. my friend and were approached by 2 italian men. One guy was sporting a striped polo shirt with hair like a mad scientist, the other was shorter with small weasel-like features fitted with large glasses, slicked back hair, while wearing a nice jacket, jeans and very european shoes. One was involved in software and the other was busy with importing spa fitness related items to the USA. Not cute enough to grab our attention, so we declared that we were hungry and quickly made a dash for the buffet table. As much as I am ranting about this awkward event, something exciting did happen because I was reminded of what it is like to really like someone.

When we were first got there, I of course immediately bee-lined to the food table and after some drinks, we sat down on a cheesy velvet couch where my friend proceeded to watch me stuff my face. A casually dressed guy who was sitting to my left started talking to us about this event and how he just clicked on some ad on Facebook and here he is. I could tell my friend was NOT interested at all, especially when we sat down, she made a point to sit away from him so I was sandwiched in between them. He was young looking, clean shaven guy with soft dark brown hair that framed his face. He was wearing sneakers, hoodie and a jacket- different from the majority of the guys who were wearing blazers, suit jackets and let’s not forget- yes the pointy european leather shoes! He asked me what I did but I just asked him to answer that question first and found out that he is a founder of a company called Morgans (which is named after him). There is definitely an undeniable necessity in restocking daily toiletries, but how can one do that without the actual hassle of shopping? Morgans of course! It focuses on all natural bathroom products online and with a subscription that provides online refills so you never run out of your natural luxury items and the best part, you never have to go to a store or go shopping for these items. I can see the appeal. Sounds like something men would love given the simplicity and efficiency of less shopping. I can also see the appeal to women with its all natural ingredients and who can resist bamboo toilet paper.  What is this, Honest company for big people? I mean who can even imagine how terrible it would be to run out of bamboo toothbrushes. Eeeek! My friend found out he is actually from Montreal so then she started to break out her french, and they proceeded to make fun of each other’s french accents. The good ‘ole quebecois french vs. the snobby parisian french debate. It was nice talking to him but then I decided that we should mingle and we all stood up and just dispersed. I can see that my friend was not very impressed by his height- taller than me by a few inches- good enough I thought. We dispersed quickly into the other room and it was through men shopping that I discovered my friend’s taste in men. Ok, we are both petite girls with smaller frames- both around 5 ft 3 in height. She loves tall, larger men who are like vikings- the swedish blond men who sports the rugged, masculine, chiseled jawline. Think Ken with scruff and sex appeal. Ahhh…now i get it. And she probably discovered that I have a penchant for quirky clean shaven “boyish” looking men. To each her own.

Some time passed after our dispersal and that was when we were accosted by the 2 italian men who we really did not have any interest in. But it was at that exact moment when Morgan appeared that prompted us to be super excited to see a familiar face – after all he could perhaps save us from the italians. He started talking to the florence guy with the crazy hair this was the prefect diversion we needed. After declaring our intentions of procuring some sustenance to the other italian, we made a mad dash out of that room and towards the buffet table.

At the end of the night, we reconvened after talking to more random people and he started speaking chinese to me. He actually speaks pretty well and I discover that he has studied chinese for 2 years when he lived in Shanghai about 12 years ago. This is also when we find out he is 37 years old. My friend guessed that he was 30 but something about him made me think he was older even though he dressed like a hipster out of Williamsburg, and ironically that is where he lives. I gave him my number and texted him an interesting episode about This American Life since we were talking about doing Stand Up Comedy. I also had 3-4 drinks by this point so I am sure my normal gregarious extroverted self was really more than accentuated during this time. I guess the point of this post is that I really did like him and it was refreshing to be reminded of what it feels like to be excited about liking someone. After that I promptly texted the french guy I was seeing and requested to be friends. No use settling for boredom.

Great, now I get to enjoy the next stage which is to wait in perpetual anxiety for the next week and hope he texts me and if not, then oh well. At least I can live off this excitement for a little while and try to remember that this IS what I am suppose to feel like when I go on my mindless, endless dates. I am suppose to want to see them and want them to text me!! How novel and exciting! Yes, dating is like slot machines – so many tries and failed attempts just to be spurred on by the fleeting exhilaration of fleeting joy, but then again that is life I suppose. We shall always try for love.


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