What I like about Northern Cali

Stepping onto the BART makes me feel like I just stepped into a unplaceable time warp. It seems like all the riders are were specifically dressed by their local thrift shops. They are colorfully mismatched or exude an endearing kind of dated frumpiness. Elastic waist bands on high waisted pants, elastic pant cuffs, bandanas, old sneakers, jean vests, mish mosh of acrylic sweaters amongst t shirts, hoodies, puffy coats, shorts, backward hats, assortment of fleece vests in different permutations (even on the same person!) all in the same place at the same time! 
Coming from NYC, I feel like a sartorial trend setter or better yet a fashion queen here in Northern California just for matching and color coordinating appropriately. Probably should not be hard for New Yorkers since all they wear is black anyways. 


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