Post vacation blues? Or vacuous home sadness? 

I got really sad coming back from vacation. It was unexpected since I previously had experienced joy returning back to NY…until now. Coming back home this time really made me sad.   I dreaded coming back to a joyless apartment where everything is stark and bare. Shades of greys and blues lacking in warmth and happiness. … More Post vacation blues? Or vacuous home sadness? 


You know what I love about friends? They give you treats! You know what I love about Vivian? Yes I am referring to myself as the 3rd person in a very Japanese or maybe an American 2 year old manner. What I like about myself is that I hoard the treats to enjoy a couple … More Treats!


My friend and I went to a “Exclusive” singles get together organized by some snotty group called “the inner circle.” It attempts to get the top people in different countries and hosts these monthly events. For example, they just had an Official Launch Party at Gainsbourg in Zürich. Why of course, why wouldn’t we be … More Yay!

You can’t win…

You can’t win when you are depressed (AND SINGLE!!!).  I feel that I am always doing the “wrong” thing. If I am sitting around feeling bad about myself, my friends would say that I’m not trying hard enough.  but when I’m going on 2 dates weekly and exhausted, they will say “you will find love … More You can’t win…